Listing Policy

If an IP that we never got legit email fromĀ is seen spamming and said IP is already listed by at least one of the other well-known and independent blacklists, then it is added to our blacklist dnsbl.justspam.org.

Before going live with the JustSpam blacklist we tested this policy and found it to be a safe way to prevent false positives.

Removal Policy

To remove an IP from our blacklist requires, it has to be removed from the other well-known and independent blacklists in first place.

As soon as we are the only blacklist that has an IP listed, it can be removed from dnsbl.justspam.org via our website by anyone that is in control of the IP.

Please make sure your system stopped spamming before you remove it from our blacklist. Another removal of a formerly removed, but new listed IP is not possible for the next 30 days. You have been warned.